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Marketplace for 3dmodels

The client’s company is engaged in interior design and turnkey repairs. In their work, they actively used 3D models and accumulated a fairly large database of them. With the outbreak of war in Ukraine and the blocking of Russian information resources, the client’s team decided to create a Ukrainian marketplace of 3D models for designers.

We have created such a platform. Here everyone can register their store and place their 3D models for sale. This is what the store directory looks like

And here is an example of the design of one of the stores inside

Models are sorted by categories, attributes, and labels. Also, each model can have its own gallery – that is, a design project in which this model was used.

Important information about the model for designers is placed on the product card. For ease of use, the file with the model is automatically renamed to the ID assigned to the model in the catalog

Since a large load on hosting is planned and a large amount of storage is needed for models, the site was deployed on a dedicated server.

Now the marketplace is being filled and the advertising campaign for the project will start soon.

Link to the project –

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