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Website redesign for StarTime

The initial task was to create a landing page based on an existing site to launch an advertising campaign. Since the current site was already quite outdated and the landing would be out of style, it was decided to create a completely new site, where each service would be described in the format of a separate landing.

Work began from the first screen of the main page. The result is a very stylish slider created from several layers of elements. It has 3 main activities of the company – transportation, customs services, and delivery.

The same approach with several layers of content is used on the remaining blocks of the site. In order not to overload visually, the main background colors are white and light gray.

And here is how the categories of services are made on one of the pages. Neat blocks that, when hovered over, display a themed background image.

On the technical side, it was very important to transfer the site correctly so that the page addresses did not change and the site did not lose its position in the search results. And they were very good. The old pages, which the client decided to refuse, and we did not create on the new site, were redirected to the new ones.

At the final stage, the contact capture plugin from Binotel was installed, analytics was configured, and social media pixels were installed. The site is available in 2 languages ​​and continues to be updated at the request of the client.

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