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Online store redesign for Farfacia

The client already had an online cosmetics store that featured many brands and products. But it was planned to launch its own line of cosmetics and stop selling to third-party suppliers. In this regard, it was necessary to redesign the site and update some functionality.

All pages of the site have been redesigned, and policies and products in the store have been updated. Now there are only 2 authors’ lines of cosmetics on the site.

Also, payment methods were set up for a new legal entity, a chat from Jivosite, and a 1-click order functionality were added.

The main page has been redesigned – trust triggers have been added – brief information about the company in numbers, screenshots of real reviews from social networks, and links to social networks.

After that, language versions were added and now the site is available in 3 languages: Ukrainian, English, and Russian.

The site is constantly maintained and updated at the request of the client.

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