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Website redesign for KSL

The KSL company is engaged in the production of brackets for home and industrial applications. They had a voluminous catalog site that visually suited the client but was very difficult to maintain. Here are the problems:

  1. Any changes to the text of the site were possible only through the code
  2. Loading content for multilingualism required special markup with shortcodes
  3. Support for the multilingual plugin was stopped 3 years ago and it is very outdated
  4. Since the languages ​​were configured via QTranslate, the site was receiving less traffic for 2 language versions

Our task was to create a site almost from scratch with the preservation of the design and some updates of the functionality. General and system pages have been redesigned. This is how the blocks on the main page turned out

The product catalog has been significantly redesigned – both the general view of the sections and the card of an individual product. At the same time, the overall corporate identity has been preserved, and now the products can be comfortably edited.

Informative end-to-end blocks with forms for the pages of the company’s services were also made. The user has options to make a call himself, write an e-mail or fill out a simple form and leave a request.

Information pages were also redesigned – about the company, about production, and useful documentation for the company’s customers.

After the design and functionality of all pages were approved, their multilingual copies were made and synchronized. Now the site is available in 3 languages and is well indexed by search engines.

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